The easiest way to install PAYLAY CE is to download the following Docker Compose files:

Fire up a terminal or commandline to get started.

1. Run installation.yml

docker-compose -f installation.yml up

This instruction will create and start 2 containers: the IdentityServer and PaymentServer.

💡If you have installed PAYLAY before using docker-compose, then you might want to do docker-compose pull to pull the latest images, as your version might be out of sync with the instructions of this document.

Database installation

Navigate to the IdentityServer endpoint


Follow the instructions to install the database, and add an initial user and client.

On the final screen, a generated client secret will be shown. Copy it.

Now, open the file docker-compose.yml, find the key paylay:dashboard:authentication:clientsecret: and paste the client secret next to it.


paylay:dashboard:authentication:clientsecret: YOUR_CLIENT_SECRET

After you have finished the installation, go back to the terminal and bring down the running containers.

2. Run docker-compose.yml

Next, run the following command to start all 3 containers (IdentityServer, PaymentServer and Dashboard):

docker-compose up

The following endpoints should be available:



PaymentServer The Swagger endpoint should be available:


IdentityServer The discovery endpoint should be available:


Next up

Congratulations, you have just installed PAYLAY CE on your local development machine.

Proceed with the tutorial on how to create your first payment.